Engine Cleaning

Let’s  Keep  it  Clean,  Guys

There’s nothing better than showing off the power of your engine around a race track – but showing off the size and build quality of that engine certainly runs a close second. &nbsp And at BB and T, we can help you rev up the wow factor every time you open the hood with our precision cleaning services.

Thermal Cleaning-

Thermal cleaning of engine parts has been used in the automotive machine shop business for nearly three decades.

Here at BB and T Racing, your engine parts are loaded into a large oven and baked at a temperature of about 500 degrees to burn off oil and grease residue, carbon, old paint and other impurities.

Shot Peening-

Once the parts have been baked in our oven, they are transferred to the stainless steel shot blaster.&nbsp This machine bombards your engine parts with very small stainless steel beads, removing the burnt residue created by the oven. &nbsp

In addition to cleaning the engine parts, shot peening is also quite beneficial in extending the strength and durability of your parts by helping to prevent crack formation and growth by stress relieving. &nbsp Once the parts come out of our shot blaster, they look like brand new castings.

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*Thermal Cleaning , Shot Peening, and Mag:

Engine Block $150/each

Heads $150/pair

Crank $125/each

Rods $100/set of 8

*Parts MUST be machined after thermal cleaning and shot peening*

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