Engine Block Prep

The  Key  to  Success  is  Preparation

A good engine prep job can make the difference between an engine that runs hard and one that hardly runs. At BB and T Racing, we understand that building and maintaining a high-quality engine begins with a high-quality block. With the addition of a Rottler five axis cnc machine, we now have the capability to bore your cylinders back to factory blueprint.&nbsp The machine lines up on the mains and cam tunnel, so the cylinders get bored ninety degrees to the camshaft centerline.&nbsp This in turn will make for a smoother running engine with less friction on the rotating assembly.&nbsp Having a block machined back to blueprint will make more horsepower, therefore letting you enjoy more of your engine build. Call Derrick or Dennis Bailey at BB and T Racing today at&nbsp 662.280.7600&nbsp and let's discuss how our prep services establish a firm foundation for your high-performing engine. Pricing: BORE AND HONE $350 LINE BORE AND HONE $450 LINE HONE $250 DECK $175 ZERO DECK $350 MINOR CLEARANCING $150 MAJOR CLEARANCING $300+ CAM BEARINGS AND FREEZE PLUGS MOST $100 PAINT VALLEY & EXT. $85 O-RING DECK (wire) $350 LIFTER BORE AND HONE WITH STANDARD BRONZE BUSHINGS $750 LIFTER BORE AND HONE WITH 55MM ROLLER BRONZE BUSHINGS $1000 ROLLER BEARING CAM BORE 50MM =  $500, &nbsp 55MM =  $650    

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