Engine Block Prep

The  Key  to  Success  is  Preparation

A good engine prep job can make the difference between an engine that runs hard and one that hardly runs. At BB and T Racing, we understand that building and maintaining a high-quality engine begins with a high-quality block. With the addition of a Rottler five axis cnc machine, we now have the capability to bore your cylinders back to factory blueprint. The machine lines up on the mains and cam tunnel, so the cylinders get bored ninety degrees to the camshaft centerline. This in turn will make for a smoother running engine with less friction on the rotating assembly. Having a block machined back to blueprint will make more horsepower, therefore letting you enjoy more of your engine build. Call Derrick or Dennis Bailey at BB and T Racing today at 662.280.7600 and let's discuss how our prep services establish a firm foundation for your high-performing engine. Pricing: BORE AND HONE $300 LINE BORE AND HONE $400 LINE HONE $200 DECK $150 ZERO DECK $300 MINOR CLEARANCING $150 MAJOR CLEARANCING $275+ CAM BEARINGS AND FREEZE PLUGS MOST $100 PAINT VALLEY & EXT. $75 O-RING DECK (wire) $300 LIFTER BORE AND HONE WITH STANDARD BRONZE BUSHINGS $750 LIFTER BORE AND HONE WITH 55MM ROLLER BRONZE BUSHINGS $1000 ROLLER BEARING CAM BORE 50MM   $500 55MM   $650    

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