Crank Services

Find the Right Balance Without Getting Shafted

Are you experiencing excessive vibration and fear the cost of finding the perfect fix?
At BB and T Racing, we may have the solution.
Call us today for a full dynamic crankshaft balance and alignment to help reduce the excess motion for less money than you’d think.
Need to Put on a Little Weight? If the bob weight figure for your crankshaft is lighter than the piston-and-rod combo, Mallory metal must be added to the crankshaft.
At BB and T Racing, our precision-minded pros have years of experience helping you find the perfect balance for your high-performance engine.
Want to know more? Call Derrick and Dennis at  662.280.7600  today.
Turn Rod and Main $150
Balancing $250
Add Mallory Metal $75/each
Polish and mic $75

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